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“Jennifer's writing grabs you from the get-go. It's funny, smart and most importantly, honest. Her dialogue, which is difficult to master, is one of her specialties.”

Michelle Cardulla, publisher of Lake Affect magazine

Professional editors are an endangered species. Our linguistic sensibilities are assaulted on a daily basis – in supermarkets, newspapers, magazines, restaurants, and on the Internet. I won’t even mention the zebra mussel of communication known as text messaging, my BFC (Best Future Clients).

Several months before my son graduated from Cornell University in May 2007, I searched on-line for a winery bistro where we could celebrate the occasion with a large party of doting relatives. I found one. Once cited in a Gourmet magazine article about the Finger Lakes, the bistro’s menu described mouthwatering cuisine, the majority of these upscale dishes bearing Italian and French culinary names.

When I counted sixteen misspelled words on the menu, among them ricotta insalata and arugula, I was horrified. Then the English teacher in me kicked into high gear. I e-mailed the chef/owner a list of corrections couched in self-deprecating humor. A month later, after I had received no reply, I returned to the website menu. The errors remained untouched. I felt as invisible as the ivory-billed woodpecker.

Writing clear, concise prose shows respect for your reader’s intelligence, dedication to your product’s integrity, and thoroughness in your working process. If you don’t have the time or the notion to accomplish this, I am the writing services expert for you. My professional writing services can help you to sell your products, effectively communicate your ideas, and achieve your professional goals.