Professional Editing & Writing Services

Content Development and Editing

If writing well is a struggle for you, call me. It could be the start of a fruitful collaboration. The professional editing services I offer include the following: rewriting or restructuring your existing manuscript, menu, advertising copy, etc., by looking at the style, clarity, tone and structure of your work and by cutting and pruning where necessary for improvement. I can help you make your ideas coherent by providing the following content revision services:

  • rewrite to improve the structure and content without changing the original meaning
  • rewrite to improve meaning and vocabulary
  • rewrite confusing, ambiguous or awkward sentences to improve flow of text
  • remove wordiness, inappropriate terms or jargon
  • reduce word count to comply with specified length
  • suggest major revisions or identify gaps in content or areas of text which need further development

Note: I will make corrections to copy on disk or hard copy, or change documents electronically, making use of 'track changes' to highlight editing change.

If your document contains technical terms or subject matter with which I cannot be expected to be automatically familiar, I reserve the right to limit the services I provide for your dissertations, theses and manuscripts to 'straightforward' proofreading or copy editing. I will flag but not revise any unclear, confusing or technical content.